Americans United vs Heritage Charter Schools

Americans United  for Separation of Church and State (AU) intends to file suit against an Arizona public charter school that has been providing religious instruction to students in a mandatory American Government course. The course material claims that "America and its Constitution were established by the hand of God," and that the U.S. will prosper only when its leaders obey and implement God's law as described in the Bible. Students are taught that only religious people have a stable moral code, that persons who have no use for religion are not true patriots, and that witnesses who refuse to swear an oath to God have worthless testimony. The course material also claims that Old Testament law was more "efficient and equitable" than any modern system of criminal justice, that students must obey the Ten Commandments (including the commandment to have "no other gods") in order to attain happiness, and that God favors capitalism over socialism.
This religious instruction is reiterated by the course's instructor, who is also the school's principal and founder. For example, he has told students that persons who do not believe in a Creator are irrational, and that God destroyed a detachment of the French navy during the 18th-century in response to prayers from faithful Christians.

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