HB 2189 - What does it mean?

When the Chairman of the House Education Committee (Paul Boyer) is the prime sponsor and the Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee (Sylvia Allen) is the co-sponsor of an "education omnibus" bill, it is almost certain that the bill will be heard in both committees.  Therefore, we should take the content of the bill quite seriously.  So, when we read through the list of statutes that the education omnibus bill repeals, we were left feeling quite perplexed as to why the lawmakers would pick and choose these statutes to repeal.  Why would they want to repeal instruction on environmental education, CPR, HIV/AIDS, firearm safety, stranger danger, and dating abuse?  You might think they just picked a block of statutes to repeal, but it's obvious that didn't happen because they left in other statutes that should be repealed like teaching the bible as history or English arts.  

We aren't sure why these statutes were picked, but we'll keep watching the bill and will keep you updated  We hope you'll join us on February 8 for our third annual Secular Coalition for Arizona lobby day, the day where Secularists unite at the State Capitol.  It's a free event, but registration is required.  See our events page for more information.

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