Tinfoil Hats and Bad Behavior: Peoria Unified School District Board Elections Part 2

Aaaand we’re BACK with part 2! (Want to read part 1? Click here!)

After returning from recess, President Sandoval did something that absolutely stunned me. First, he thanked everyone for their comments and read the job description of the board president. And then…he nominated newly appointed board member Becky Proudfit to the role of president of the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board.

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Tinfoil Hats and Bad Behavior: Peoria Unified School District Board Elections Part 1

Well, well, well, Secular Fam! I just finished up last week’s Substack, and here I am working on another. On a Saturday. Why, you may wonder? Well, because not only have school board meetings started back up this week, but the Arizona Legislature is back in session.

Since the tone and level of decorum at the Capitol and in most school board meetings across the state leaves MUCH to be desired and frequently includes religious indoctrination and hate speech, this time of year can be triggering.

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New Year, New Legislative Session… New Set of Christofascist Bills

Hey Secular Fam! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of public school district governing boards all across the state reorganizing themselves and electing new leadership.

After  all, it’s a new year, with a new legislative session, a new set of christofascist bills to promote and yet more religious hypocrisy and intolerance on the way.

Already in both Deer Valley (DVUSD) and Scottsdale (SUSD), the boards ditched the extremists in leadership positions for serious board members who don’t hate public schools, so that’s great news.

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2024 Forecast: Blustery with a Chance of Rage

Happy December, Secular Fam! I hope that everyone survived the holiday season with as little stress as possible. Despite my lack of religious affiliation, I LOVE Christmas. Christmas carols, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, I love it all. I love that I get to see family and friends, and that everywhere I go, people are pumping me full of food and drinks. Though, finding my way back to reality can be challenging.

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Deer Valley Unified School District Board Hits New Lows

Holy moly, who whoulda thunk it, but here I am working on another Substack. I wasn’t really planning on shifting things on my to-do list, but the last meeting of 2023 in Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) was, quite possibly, the worst example of board governance I’ve ever seen.

I know what you’re thinking, “Secular Activist Lady™, you say that all the time.” But I’m here to tell you:

The December 12, 2023 DVUSD meeting was, quite possibly the worst example of boardsmanship and local governance I’ve ever seen. 

So buckle up, Secular Fam, because it’s about to get stupid up in here.

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How Did We Even Get Here?

What it do, Secular Fam!? I hope this Substack finds you doing better than hanging on by an existential thread (since, generally speaking, that’s my norm these days). As most of you probably already know, there was a meeting in Paradise Valley (PVUSD) last week, where the board discussed four potential school closures, and I’m just now getting around to watching that meeting. 

So you know what that means! Buckle up, Buttercup, because we’re going to discuss the Late Stage Capitalism Era of Public Education!

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DVUSD Board Meeting: You Don’t Have to Say Everything You Think

Hey there, Secular Fam! It’s DVUSD Board Meeting recap time. I hope you all survived the Thanksgiving holiday with as little drama as possible. It’s become tougher and tougher for some of us to spend time with family and the holidays can be hella triggering.

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It’s the “Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud” Part of Late-Stage Capitalism

Hey there, Secular Fam, I hope y’all are hanging in there during this era of late-stage capitalism.

For many of us, this time of year can overwhelm us and bring in a flood of emotions, some of them not great. This is true of the winter months in “normal” times, but if anyone understands that all the sh!t we’ve been going through for the last several years is FAR from normal, it’s you – the folks that read these columns.

It seems that we are both in the Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud (SQPOL?) phase AND the Fuck Around and Find Out (FAFO) phase in this Era of late-stage capitalism. Continue reading

Deeply Unserious Boardsmanship in PVUSD (& Other Arizona School Boards)

Well, well, well, Secular Fam, I wish I could say that we’ve eradicated All Things Terrible from our local Arizona school boards, but you’re reading this, so no such luck! Last week, the Paradise Valley (PVUSD) meeting took place, and it was yet another example of deeply unserious boardsmanship and community engagement. So much for high hopes. Continue reading

Bug Eatin’ and Nudist Colonyn’: Another Totally Normal PUSD Board Meeting

Just when I think things can’t get any weirder…

This week’s Peoria (PUSD) meeting was…indescribable. But I know y’all are counting on me to describe it, so I’ll do my best.

And if you’re reading this, but you don’t have a paid subscription, help a sister out and upgrade your subscription to “paid” and support the work we do because I’m nearly positive that attending and monitoring these meetings is bad for my health.

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