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Meet Our Team: Caleb Naugle

Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ) has a few new additions to our Board of Directors for 2015-2016 and we are eager to introduce them to the community.  New board member at large CALEB NAUGLE is active in a number of local and national groups, organizations and foundations that share specific goals: to keep church and state separate, ensure equal rights for all, and promote science education.

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On the Road: Secular Humanist Jewish Circle of Tucson

Secular Coalition for Arizona Director of Government Affairs Tory Anderson enjoyed a visit with the Secular Humanist Jewish Circle of Tucson recently as part of their annual Sukkoth celebration.   Tory discussed the activities of the Secular Coalition for Arizona during the previous two legislative sessions, and a lively discussion occurred regarding the state's use of public tax dollars to subsidize religious education through school vouchers and private school tax credits.   Kent Barrabee, a school distric

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ANNOUNCING: "Protect the Freedom Wall" Campaign

There's a lot of talk in Arizona about walls today.  At Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ), we're very concerned with one such wall.  The wall we seek to uphold does not divide countires or classes of people, but unifies citizens of all beliefs and protects their first amendment freedoms.  The wall separating church and state is a constitutional mandate that ensures freedom of conscience for Arizonans of all backgrounds.  

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Secular Coalition for Arizona responds to Coolidge Resolution 15-32

Today, Secular Coalition for Arizona sent a letter to Coolidge Mayor Jon Thompson, and copied all members of the Coolidge City Council, in response to the Council's unanimous decision to allow invocations before City Council Meetings.  


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Meet Our Team: Jim Lippard

Secular Coalition for Arizona’s (Secular AZ) newest board of directors has been elected and seated and new staff members are in place. Over the next few weeks we’ll  introduce them to you in a series of posts. Each of these individuals has expressed a strong interest in the work of Secular AZ and have a multitude of talents they bring to the service of our organization.  All value secular public policy and celebrate secularism as the best way to promote equal rights and freedoms for all Arizonans. 
Jim Lippard, Treasurer

Jim Lippard has been elected to serve as the new treasurer of Secular AZ.  Prior to his election to the board he served for five years as the board’s liaison-at-large.  He is a Phoenix based information security professional who has worked for five Fortune 500 companies across the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare industries.  Jim also has a long history working for nonprofit organizations dedicated to reason, skepticism and church/state separation.

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Fifth Anniversary: From our Founder

From Seed to Fruition:  The Secular Coalition for Arizona

by Matt Schoenley, Founder, Vice Chair, Secular Coalition for Arizona

Over five years ago I co-founded Secular Coalition for Arizona with two smart and passionate Arizona residents, Zenaido Quintana and Serah Blain. We all had exhibited the dual express purpose to provide a voice for Arizona's nontheistic community, as well as a desire to advocate for the separation of church and state. Our main goal was to champion secular public policy to Arizona's state government.
The need was clear as the religious right, and specifically the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), had free reign at the Arizona Capitol, untethered by public outcry. Religion, and a particularly extreme form of Christianity at that, was being enacted into secular civil law with little pushback or public attention. Citizens, who had no interest in living by Biblical and religious dogmas, including most Christians, were unknowingly being coerced to comply with a fundamentalist ideology incongruent with the way they lived their lives.


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On the Road: Prescott Freethinkers

Emphasizing the importance of secular government down to the regional and local level is a primary function at the Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ).  To achieve that goal, we spend time in Arizona communities throughout the state educating citizens on the pertinence of church and state separation principles, and how they affect everyone, religious or not.   

We are highlighting each of our supporting groups in our "On the Road with Secular AZ" series of articles here at for our members to follow along.

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Fetal Tissue & Planned Parenthood - Why Secular AZ Cares

There are complicated moral and ethical questions involved in women’s health issues and access to health care for theists and nontheists alike. However, setting public policy and making laws based on extreme sectarian religious beliefs and manufactured controversies is dangerous and reckless.   

In the landmark case Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that the U.S. Constitution protects a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions, including her decision to have an abortion.

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On the Road: Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix

Personal interaction with our liaised organizations and supporters is a priority. Each year when the Arizona legislative session closes, we hit the road to update them regarding the highlights of the most recent session. We discuss how we work within the legislature and engage the public to fight challenges and seize opportunities to protect and strengthen secular public policy in Arizona.   

We’re updating our wider audience of website visitors with a recap of each meeting. Your comments or questions are always welcomed. 

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On the Road: Sedona/Verde Valley Secular Freethinkers

Sedona Verde/Valley Freethinkers Briefed on 2015 Arizona Legislative Session

A high priority at Secular Coalition for Arizona (SC Arizona) is to inform citizens and groups across our state regarding the work we do at the Capitol on their behalf to protect and fortify a secular government.

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