Church Electioneering at Dream City?

Heading from AZ central about Trump's appearance at Dream City Church above image of crowd waving signs and arms

On January 26th Dream City Church in Phoenix hosted was set to host Trump for the Arizona Republican Party event. Per its website, Dream Church’s motto is “Love People.  Cultivate Community. Inspire Hope.”

Their first and greatest commandment is to ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Their second commandment is to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.”

Leaders Luke and Angel Barnett say “the Dream City Church is a community of people united in our common mission to gather as God’s people, grow in understanding of God’s Word and grace, and reach out to serve others in Jesus’ name.”

How does this square with giving space, messaging, and fundraising to the least Christian of all our politicians? It is time for true Christians to rise up and defend the faith of Jesus.

Instead of acting like a political arm of the Republican party, Evangelical churches should be preaching and practicing His Gospel.  They should be bringing warring factions together in peace, love, and good works in His name.  Instead Dream City Church hosted agrees to host a hatemongering, cruel, child-caging, violence-provoking, greedy capitalist, liar, and convicted rapist.

Trying to redeem him is one thing. Helping him get elected is a sacrilege.

This political activity by Dream City Church is closely associated with Charlie Kirk, dangerous head of Turning Point USA and should be evidence enough to remove its religious tax-exempt status.

True Christians will denounce Dream City Church for their actions and will stick to the original commandments.

Guest post by Dee Maitland, February 2024 

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