WATCH: Arizona has a school administrator retention crisis

It’s been long known that poor pay and work conditions have created a teacher retention crisis in Arizona. But now white Christian nationalists are starting to force out administrators as well.

Most recently, Casa Grande Union High School district voted to fire their superintendent (Dr. Anna Battle, pictured above) without any cause whatsoever.

Arizona is also seeing a decline in applications for principals thanks to death threats over issues like COVID-19 protocols.

Meanwhile, Republicans are shooting down legislation that would make schools safer via fingerprint and security checks on employees.

Our Executive Director Jeanne Casteen recorded a special message about this issue below. Watch for more details and share the video with your friends.

In the meantime, we’re organizing to get people to organize at their school boards—whether it be to watch for important agenda items, report things you’re noticing at schools, or just to show up at public meetings in support of board members. Hit up our volunteer signup sheet here and we’ll get you in mix and prepare you to hit the ground running.