Secular Week of Action: April 28-May 7

It’s the annual Secular Week of Action… that means it’s time to get off your knees and on your feet. 

Secular Week of Action is an alternative to the National Day of Prayer, a day set aside by federal law to “turn to God in prayer.” Unfortunately, prayer represents an inadequate response to national crises. Instead, let’s take concrete action: Get off your knees and get to work.

Here are some great AZ groups to support this week (and all year):

April 28-29: Support the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix’s digital fundraiser for Go With the Flow AZ, a group that provides schools in Tucson and Phoenix and neighboring areas with period packs filled with menstrual supplies for lower income or unsheltered students. No student should have their education disrupted by the anxiety that can arise from not having access to essential menstrual items which can result in lower productivity in the classroom or worse, missing school altogether

To support this cause, visit the HSGP website, select “Other Amount,” and in “Contribution Note” include TAMPONS Secular Week of Action.


April 30- May 1: Support the Tucson Atheist Community Outreach Team’s digital fundraiser for Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson, an organization that provides educators with free to low-cost, hands-on interactive learning materials for use in their classrooms through donated and re-purposed items, as well as for raising funds to support this purpose.

To support this cause, make a donation through the TACO team’s Facebook fundraiser page.


May 2-3:

Support Desert Star Family Planning, who works to creating equitable access to reproductive health care for womb bearing people. Led by Dr. DeShawn Taylor, Desert Star Family Planning wants to remove the stigma from reproductive health with patient-centered well-woman, family planning, and sexual health care. The team offers personalized care, aiming to build lasting relationships with patients and becoming true partners in health.

To support this cause, donate or sign up to volunteer through the DSFP website. 


May 4-5:

Support Atheists Helping the Homeless Phoenix. Founded in September of 2009, Atheists Helping the Homeless has three goals, or reasons for existing: 1 To help some folks in need. 2 To show by example that Atheists do have morals and do help. 3 To have fun. We’ve helped thousands of people in need.

To support this cause, sign up to volunteer or make a donation.


May 6-7:

Donate books to Support Equality Arizona Schools’ banned book drive. This LGBTQ student-led organization, primarily based out of Chandler, AZ, is composed of students and allies devoted to making a change in our Arizona schools.

To support this cause, purchase books from SEAS’s Amazon registry.