We’re joining a panel for parents of LGBTQ+ students in Arizona

In the past four years, a specific brand of conservatism has pushed “parental rights” to suppress equity education. But who is left out of the conversation? Who is expressing support for parents that have LGBTQ+ kids? And what tools are parents using to protect themselves and their children?

Secular AZ’s Jeanne Casteen will be part of a panel put together by LOOKOUT diving into the subject, part of their Summer of Solutions series for subscribers.

WHEN: July 21, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m

TOPIC: How parents are navigating the world of anti-LGBTQ+ policies and rhetoric.

MODERATORS: Joseph Darius Jaafari (LOOKOUT) and Gloria Rebecca Gomez (AZ Mirror)


  • Kerry Baker, parent and current governing school board member
  • Jeanne Casteen, Executive Director of Secular AZ, former governing school board member
  • River Chunnui, parent and educator
  • Daniel Sanchez, parent
  • Lizette Trujillo, parent and trans youth advocate
  • Nate Rhoton, Executive Director of One n’ Ten

This is a community-driven discussion panel focused on conflict resolution and community building. Audience members can chime in with their thoughts and actively participate in speaker discussions. Panelists will also help audience members get their friends and family engaged in local politics.

Invitations to RSVP will be sent to LOOKOUT subscribers. (Paid subscribers get first dibs, but there’s a free tier.)

We recommend subscribing, as LOOKOUT is one of the few news publications in Arizona unafraid to explicitly call out the religious underpinnings of anti-LGBTQ+ policies. 

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