What is Project 2025?

Have you heard about Project 2025? Created by the Heritage Foundation with the help of more than 100 conservative organizations  — like AZ’s own Turning Point USA and Alliance Defending Freedom — and members of the Trump administration,  it’s a blueprint to dismantling democratic institutions by tearing down what remains of the wall between church and state, removing consumer protections, and imposing an extremist agenda that transfers ever-more power to the executive branch.

In other words, a policy agenda that delivers every fever dream of the religious right.

Rep. Jared Huffman of the Freethought Caucus describes Project 25 as a coup that’s “more than an idea, it’s a dystopian plot that’s already in motion to dismantle our democratic institutions, abolish checks and balances, chip away at church-state separation, and impose a far-right agenda that infringes on basic liberties and violates public will.”

The agenda’s main goals include:

  • restoring the family as the center of life in the U.S.
  • dismantling the administrative state by placing agencies such as the Justice Department under the control of the executive branch (a strategy known as unitary executive theory), which would allow the president to make direct policy decisions
  • eliminating job protection for government employees and replacing them with political appointees
  • abolishing the Department of Education
  • slashing investment into rewnewable energy sources
  • eliminating access to birth control and other reproductive health care
  • increasing “school choice” (i.e. vouchers) and privatization
  • eliminate terms deemed “woke” from all laws and federal regulations, including “sexual orientation,” “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” “gender equality,” “abortion,” and “reproductive rights”

Overall, Project 25 is based in an explicitly Christian worldview that depends on expanded executive powers. Given the makeup of the Supreme Court — and its recent power grab — this  christo-fascist agenda poses an all-too-real threat to American democracy and to your rights. A second Trump presidency would likely cement these extremist policies.

Now is not the time to sit back and sit this one out. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Now is the time to speak out against the encroaching Christian nationalism that Secular AZ has been warning about since our founding in 2010.

Get involved: volunteer, donate or become a member, sign up for our action alerts, tell your legislators that you oppose the Project 2025 agenda, attend or monitor school board meetings, and VOTE like your rights depend on it… because they do.