Phoenix school board considering filling schools with LDS missionaries

UPDATE 8:53pm 3/6/24 per PVUSD, the proposal below has been removed from the 3/7 agenda pending review by their legal counsel. 

Original article follows:

At tomorrow’s Paradise Valley USD school board meeting, members will be considering a proposal to partner with the LDS church to create volunteer positions for their missionaries.

The vague proposal says nothing of what positions the missionaries would take. What it does say is that missionaries would wear name tags identifying them as members of the church, essentially advertising their presence and consisting of a form of proselytizing.

Other major issues with this proposal:

  • The LDS church’s self-declared values include positions against opposite sex co-habitation, abortion, legal cannabis use, medical aid in dying, and LGBTQ+ identities of all types — positions in conflict with the majority of Americans.
  • Imagine the fear and chilling effect on LGBTQ+ students who are assisted or watched by missionaries — especially LDS youth that may be “out” at school but “in the closet” at home.
  • The LDS church has been caught covering up child sex abuse by their parishoners in Arizona.

The memo misidentifies this proposal as “service learning.” Service learning is supposed to be an opportunity for students, not religious persuaders.

Phoenix’s Christian population is 36% Protestant, 21% Catholic, and only 6% LDS. A third of a population is non-Christian. Will most parents in PVUSD even be comfortable with this?

Read our legal department’s letter to the district, with more facts about the treacherous legality of this proposal.


  1. Contact the governing board. Use to email them all at once.
  2. Attend tomorrow’s Governing Board meeting to speak against this proposal. 15002 North 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ at 6:30 PM.

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