Tell IRS: enforce law on Trump-worshipping megachurch

For the fifth time (that we know of) Dream City Church has illegally hosted a Trump campaign rally, completely violating federal law banning tax-exempt churches from supporting candidates. Several complaints have been filed with the IRS with no response.

Dream City is rich megachurch which enjoys tax-exempt status while receiving about $1m annually in taxpayer-funded school vouchers.

The IRS has the power to enforce this law, but due to lack of resources (or interest) often does not act on cases like this without being sufficiently compelled. That means we need to ramp up the volume of complaints.  

You don’t need to use legal jargon or cite any statutes or cases. The IRS knows them. But if this blatant violation of the law by a church upsets you, please file a complaint with the IRS. Click here for our page showing you exactly how.